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    Find your pet quicker with an ePetID tag.




ePetID (Electronic Pet Identification) is a unique, alpha-numeric tag that fits on your pets collar.

Should your pet become lost, the person finding your pet would simply come to our website and enter the ePetID code that is found on the tag.

Once the finder enters the ePetID code, a profile of your pet will be displayed with a picture, description, name of your pet, weight, height, breed etc. You could also include important medical information about your pet.

After the correct ePetID code is entered the finder of your pet enters their own email address, first name and phone number into the page

An SMS message and email will be sent Instantly to you so you can contact the finder and make arrangements to pick up your pet.

Up to two additional family members or friends can also receive the texts and email messages if you choose.

ePetID Features

ePetID is very user and pet friendly. The service is very easy to use.
It DOES NOT rely on microchip technology. It DOES NOT rely on Bluetooth technology.
It fits right into what you use every single day. That's emails and text messages.

User Friendly

Our user friendly and intuitive website makes it easy for a pet finder to reunite you and your pet in a timely fashion.

Safe to use

When a finder uses our system to contact you about your pet they are never shown any of your personal information.

Admin panel

Your own safe and secure admin panel where you can store your pets profile and your contact information.

Pet Friendly

A pet profile page showning information about your pet is only displayed after a correct 10-digit ID is entered.

Customer Support

We have a FAQ page for your convenience or you could send us a message through your admin area.

Mobile Friendly

Our website is mobile friendly for your convenience. Change your pets profile and update your information on the go.

Easy Setup

Once you receive your ePetID you can register the ID online and login to the system to enter your information.

Awesome Features

Our unique SMS messaging system notifies you in seconds when someone finds your pet and enters the ePetID code.

Care for your pet

Pets are like family so make sure to take care of them with a simple to use but very powerful pet finder system.