ePet ID is a unique, alpha-numeric tag that fits on your pets collar. Should your pet become lost; the person finding your pet would simply go to the website engraved on the tag and enter the unique code that is found on the tag.

Once the finder enters the code, a profile of your pet will be shown with a current picture, description, name of your pet, weight, height breed etc. The finder of your pet simply enters their email address, first name and phone number in the fields and an SMS message and email will be sent to you so you can contact the finder.

For your safety and privacy no personal information will be shown to the finder.

Thousands of pets go missing each day. Your pet is just like a family member. Find your pet quicker with your ePet ID.

Don't let your pet be a statistic and end up in an animal shelter. It is reported that almost 10 million pets end up in a shelter each year. Pets become frightened and disoriented unsure of where they are or how they got there.

With an ePet ID, chances are that your pet would be returned much quicker and before they made it to the animal shelter. A caring neighbor could easily go online and enter your pets ePet ID 10 digit alphanumeric code and your pet's profile will be shown to them.

You could offer a reward for anyone that finds your pet and brings it home safely; you could easily add this information to your pets profile.

Your custom ePet ID tag is made from stainless steel to last a long time. The tag includes one year of SMS texting service for up to three contacts and ongoing piece of mind that if your pet is found by a neighbor you could be reunited quicker without having to go to the pet shelter.

You will also have your own ePet ID login with full access to your pets profile. You will be able to upload a picture of your pet and add information that you may want a pet finder to know. You can also add or change information about other contacts that will receive the ePet ID alerts via SMS text messaging and email.